• Model: HP-5050-60A-12V-10MM-bushing
  • HP-5050-60A-12V-10MM-bushing
  • ► Product Features

  • 1.It is high safe and reliable to supply power with low voltage DC 12V.
    2. Long service life, the average lifetime can last 30 thousand hours without maintenance.
    3. Every three LED can be combined to a loop. It can be cut down arbitrarily along with the above tangent without damaging other parts and can be added length limitless. It can have various lengths of light bars customer made according to customer’s requirements.
    4. Use very soft PCB board as substrate, which can be freely joint, bent, cut and arbitrarily fixed to uneven face.
    5. It is formed with printed circuit board, with double-sided adhesive in the back which is used for pasting and attaching to the fixture.
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    12V DC10mm60809.6W/m720-840WW5 m / volume

    Installation Method and Announcements:     

    1、 Indoor installing when LED lamps are used for indoor decoration, because that there is no need to bear exposed to wind and rain, each type of LED lamp is affixed with self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive in the back. During the process of installing, you just need to directly tear off the stickers on the 3M double-sided adhesive surface, and then fix the lamp to where it needs to be installed, press your hand there and it is OK. For those places where there are corners or it is too long, how to solve it? Too simple. The circuit structure of LED lamps consists of a group of series and parallel way with three/six LED. Every three/six LED can be cut and used separately.

    2、 The connection method of power: the general voltage of LED lamps is DC 12V that it needs switching power for power supply. The size of the power is determined according to the power and connection length of the LED lamp. If you do not want that every LED lamp has its own power for controlling, you can buy a switching power with relatively large power for the general supply, and then input power in it with connecting all LED lamps in parallel (if the wire size is not enough, you can further extend it). Then the general switching power will supply power in unified way. The advantage of doing this is centralized control while it is inconvenient to realize the lighting effect of single LED lamp and switch control. You can measure it by yourself to adopt which method.

    3、 3. Be careful of the connection distance of LED lamps: the longest connection distance of 5050 series LED lamp is 6m. If the connection distance is over than it, the LED lamp would become hot easily and then influence the service year of LED lamp during use. So, please install it according to the requirements of manufacturer. Do not let the LED lights run over load. If you need to add its length, please connect it in parallel way. As the following table:


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