• Model: HP-JC-2835-60A-220V-10MM-Red / Green / yellow / blue
  • HP-JC-2835-60A-220V-10MM-Red / Green / yellow / blue
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  • ●With disruptive design, we adopt industry-leading and innovative design in integrated circuit board, which is unique and designed dedicated.
    ●Our products have nice characteristics: high color rendering, presentation of real color and eye protected.
    ●Soft in light color, uniform distribution in light setting, the light is also bright and natural.
    ●Easy and convenient to be installed.
    ●Available for engineering and house decorating projects, and fit in every places.
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    220V10MM60-7W/M460Red / Green / yellow / blue50m/volume

    Color Temperature:R:620-630  G:553-550 B:465-485  Y:580-595  W:6500-7000  WW:2700-2900

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